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Finally, a Mobile App for you and your members

FitnessMgr is committed to bringing an industry-standard solution to the rapidly evolving fitness industry, bringing health-conscious users a Mobile App they can use anytime, anywhere.

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The ultimate multi-platform Mobile App for clubs, personal trainers & their clientele.

Gyms can manage all aspects of their business with this user friendly, multi-platform Mobile App. FitnessMgr provides the tools to manage a fitness club's trainers, classes, workouts, and clients all in one place. With this Mobile App any club can easily administer all its clients' information including their personal training sessions, food logs, group classes, and fitness goals... just to name a few. FitnessMgr's client interface keeps clients motivated and plugged in, helping gyms retain their clientele.

FitnessMgr Features & Advantages

  • Available on your iPhone, iPad, or desktop web browser
  • Manage clients, workouts, exercises, products, and more
  • Market your own mobile app powered by FitnessMgr
  • Track detailed reports about your club and its clients
  • Automatic social marketing for your club
  • Clients can track stats, workouts, schedules, food logs, and more
  • Direct communication with your clients at all times
  • Retain your customers

Three editions of FitnessMgr available: Club, Trainer, and Member Editions

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FitMgr Club - FitnessManager, Inc.iPad Club/Trainer App (Paid)

FitnessMgr - FitnessManager, Inc.iPhone Member App (Free)